Sidebot defines industrial robots that can work at high speed and in proximity to human workers, side by side, without any guarding.

Unlike a cobot, a sidebot does not necessarily aim to be able to interact directly with humans. It is there to assist the human in highly repetitive tasks.   

Moreover, its design, the lightness of its moving parts, and its certified “safe” control system allow it to operate at high speeds, much higher than a cobot, in complete safety for the humans around.

Industrial robots are intended for high production rates and designed for highly automated tasks with little or no human interaction. In their working environment, they are isolated from humans by protective barriers or cages. The sidebot includes sensors and a control system to detect the presence or interaction with a human and react accordingly, ensuring human integrity and safety.

Companies are always under pressure to achieve more and more workload, with ever more constraining margins, with a search for increased productivity. Sidebots assist operators in repetitive and tedious tasks. They are versatile and can quickly reposition themselves on different tasks. They allow companies to allocate their staff to tasks with higher added value based on innovation and continuous improvement.


The sidebot is the perfect solution for applications where a collaborative robot (cobot) does not have sufficient output. The Wyzo® sidebot allows companies of any size to automate a process that is still manual.    

In particular, Wyzo® is an excellent step towards automation for a growing company that needs to move towards its production equipment’s industrialization.

You can use sidebots in food, packaging, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. You can use them in any industry where a repetitive task at medium or high speed is required with an increased need for flexibility.

Sidebots does typically repetitive high-speed pick and place operations. You can also use them for quality control tasks, sorting, decoration.

Sidebots are typically useful in medium-sized production batches with a variety of production formats. A sidebot operates at production rates ranging from 2’000 to 5’000 cycles per hour. Several sidebots can be combined to perform additional functions or increase production capacity.

Wyzo® can integrate up to 2 cameras for high-speed image processing, e.g., shape recognition, colour recognition, or dimensional control. For advanced or specific quality tests, Wyzo can also integrate and control up to 2 external cameras and lighting systems.

Thanks to its compactness and the fact that it does not require a barrier or protective cage, the sidebot can be easily integrated into the production line. Wyzo’s cantilever construction and small footprint allow it to fit naturally into the production flow without any special fittings. Wyzo occupies approximately the same surface area as an operator.

The compactness of the Wyzo® sidebot allows it to be moved very quickly from one workstation to another using a stacker or pallet truck. Its intuitive software enables it to record the data specific to each workstation and to avoid a new calibration during a move. Wyzo® requires only a connection to a standard 110/230V electrical outlet and a compressed air network.

The integration of a sidebot requires selecting the appropriate gripping system for the products to be handled and a safety analysis related to the application and the environment. Wyzo® integrates a wide range of interfaces for control or interaction with peripherals (conveyors, sensors). Please contact one of our integrators on the contact page for more information on your application requirements.


Wyzo® consists of :   

  • A delta robot with a collaborative design mounted on an exceptionally rigid cantilevered frame
  • A universal DIN tool flange for connection with standard grippers on the market.
  • A pneumatic and electric system for the control of the different gripping systems.
  • A mobile terminal with its intuitive software optimized for easy programming of a pick and place application.
  • A controller driving the delta robot in a collaborative and “safe” way.  
  • An interface for connection to 2 conveyors for on-the-fly pick-up (tracking function).
  • 2 safety laser scanners to manage the presence of an operator if necessary.  
  • Optional one or two cameras for the localization of the objects to be handled.

Wyzo® is controlled by a unique control system for safe monitoring of the delta robot’s position and speed. A process is dedicated solely to this monitoring. This control system specially developed for Wyzo® complies with the ISO standard and is certified.  

Each motor of the Wyzo® robot integrates two encoders to guarantee its position by redundancy. The control also monitors that maximum torque is never exceeded (max safe torque) on these motors. These gearless, backlash-free motors have been specially developed for immediate detection and stopping in the event of a potential collision.   

Also, Wyzo® and its two safety laser scanners adopt a (configurable) safe operating speed when an operator approaches or even slows down or stops it when the operator is directly near the sidebot. 

Wyzo® also indicates its operating status using a bar of LEDs visible at all times all around it.

The sidebot ensures safety towards the operators in its surrounding. The Wyzo® sidebot is able, thanks to its unique motorization, to stop immediately in the event of a collision. The control system specially developed for Wyzo® is certified “safe” according to the safety standard. Its two built-in safety scanners adapt the operating speed according to the operators’ level of proximity and operate at full speed when no operator is present in the safety zone.

Wyzo®’s control system for the safe control of a delta robot is TÜV certified.  

The Wyzo® sidebot is a quasi-machine in the sense of the European directive 2006/42/EC. It includes a CE certificate of incorporation, assembly instructions, and technical documentation.   

Its integration into a production line requires a risk analysis considering the type of grip used and the various peripherals.

Wyzo® is the first industrial delta robot powered by LiveDrive® motors. These specially developed motors give Wyzo® collaborative properties for immediate detection and shutdown in the event of a collision. These gearless (i.e., oil-free) motors are particularly suitable for clean environments, such as electronics or food processing, requiring no contamination by lubricating oil or grease.
Wyzo®’s delta robot, recognizable by its ALPHA arm, is also specially designed with an increased vertical working volume, allowing access to a wide range of conveying heights or pick-up and place positions.
Wyzo®’s delta robot is also mechanically designed without pinch points and sharp edges to avoid potential injury points in the case of a collision.

A gripping system adapted to the product to handle is essential for proper operation at high speeds. Wyzo® is compatible with many third-party gripper systems thanks to its standard DIN interface flange. Wyzo® has created a community of vendor partners. This Wyzo® platform’s components are guarantee to work correctly.  

Wyzo® includes control systems as standard as a vacuum generator and controller to control most gripper systems for pick/place applications. 

The Wyzo® sidebot handles small loads at high speed. It can speedily move parts weighing less than 500 grams at speeds up to 90 cycles per minute. It can move larger loads, up to 1kg, but at lower rates.

Wyzo®’s programming software comes from the GEMINI platform, which has been developed for 20 years by Demaurex SA. Wyzo® software is optimized to the maximum to simplify the creation of a new task. It is optimized for the gripping and placing functionalities. It does not integrate the complexity of the cobot control software linked to the universality of its functionality.  

Extensive use of the UX approach makes its interface easy to use to anyone.

Wyzo® has a height of 1m80, which is the approximate height of a person. It is characterized by a minimal footprint (<0.5 m2), about 6x smaller than an industrial robot, thanks to the removal of safety barriers or protections.

Wyzo® needs a single-phase 110/230V, 50Hz power supply, or a three-phase power supply is also possible.   

Wyzo® also requires an air supply (6 bar) to activate the pneumatic gripper systems.

Wyzo® offers several communication interfaces:   

  • One EtherCAT port to communicate with other Wyzo® devices or sidebot on real-time tasks.
  • One Ethernet port to communicate with, e.g., a corporate network.
  • One industrial gateway, including 4G LTE cellular and Wifi 802.11b/g/n. Wyzo® is thus ready for a future IoT connection.

Wyzo® has a lifetime higher than five years, assuming they operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The actual lifetime may differ according to the operating environment. 


The Wyzo® sidebot has a cost that makes automation accessible even to small businesses. Unlike a collaborative robot, it comes standard with many features and excellent connectivity that allows quick integration into an industrial application. For example, it includes a vision system for product detection and an interface with two conveyors for picking or placing products/objects on the fly.

You can rent a Wyzo® sidebot for a minimum period of 1 month. Please contact our distribution department on the contact page.