WyzoⓇ sidebot technical specifications

Quick facts


90 picks/ minute

Icons / Tools / On


0.5 kg, up to 1.0 kg with reduced performance


0.45 m2

Working volume

Diameter 850 mm (x360 mm high)

Get to know WyzoⓇ

With its safe control system, WyzoⓇ handles high-speed products side-by-side with humans.
The sidebot stops automatically on contact, and thanks to the integrated safety sensors, it even reaches full speed in the absence of humans. WyzoⓇ moves from one workplace to another very quickly. The intuitive interface makes the learning of new tasks easy for everyone. In no time, WyzoⓇ locates products with a smart camera and grabs them on moving conveyors.
The universal tool holder allows the adoption of the most suitable gripper.

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The sidebot is the perfect solution for applications where a collaborative robot (cobot) does not have sufficient output. The WyzoⓇ sidebot allows companies of any size to automate a process that is still manual.   

In particular, WyzoⓇ is an excellent step towards automation for a growing company that needs to move towards its production equipment’s industrialization.

Sidebots are typically useful in medium-sized production batches with a variety of production formats. A sidebot operates at production rates ranging from 2’000 to 5’000 cycles per hour. Several sidebots can be combined to perform additional functions or increase production capacity.

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